Expat in London

Having used the brilliant services of cushion the impact’s wonderful team since 2000 for the most diverse range of tasks, I recommend them wholeheartedly and without hesitation. I’ve got so much praise that I don’t know where to start. What is so important yet so rarely found in life is total reliability & trustworthiness – cushion the impact are a shining example of both. The team have never let me down and every job has been dealt with efficiently without exemption, irrespective of whether I’m in London or abroad. Andrea and her team take so many worries and to-dos in life away, and once the tasks are in their experienced hands, I can be absolutely certain that they are getting it done as agreed.

Armin | Islington & Germany


Solicitor’s extra pair of hands

Andrea is a total pleasure to work with. She is intelligent, shows initiative and is 100% trustworthy. Slowly and gently she has become an important part of the infrastructure of my business.

Robert | Hampstead


Concentrate on business not admin

Helena has worked for me in the capacity of personal assistant in relation to my professional and personal affairs, dealing with book keeping, filing and general administration in my home/office. I have found her to be a reliable and diligent worker, trustworthy and honest, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her for similar duties to any prospective employer.

Psychotherapist wishing to remain anonymous | London


Refurbishing tenanted flat

I cannot believe I was able to exist without the 360 degree services of cushion the impact previously – they have completely transformed my life and all the stress of managing my property has evaporated! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Heidi | Islington & Singapore


Attendee of time management webinar

I have known Andrea for some time and know her to be highly efficient, reliable, thorough and focussed. She’s also great fun and easy to be with. I took part in her ‘There is Enough Time’ webinar some weeks ago. Although it was ‘just’ a ‘taster’ I discovered more practical time management tips in that one hour than I have any other way. I have already saved time on my emails, learnt new ways of managing them and saved one hour, just imagine what can be achieved in Andrea’s longer workshops and one-to-one coaching. I recommend Andrea highly and am very happy to do so.

Clodagh | Stoke Newington


No time to deal with paperwork

I found the service from cushion the impact absolutely superb. As a busy professional working long hours, my personal administration and paperwork had got out of hand. cushion the impact effectively sorted out my entire home paperwork in a highly efficient manner within a day, when it would have taken me weeks to do the same. My paperwork is now completely in order to a much higher level of organisation, even if I had had the time and energy to do it myself. I will definitely be using them again in the future and could not recommend them more highly for a very professional, efficient, flexible and trustworthy approach.

Client wishes to remain anonymous | Maida Vale