10 Lifechangers You Can Learn in 10 Minutes

If you find yourself with an unexpected ten minutes or so to spare, how do you normally spend it? Do you automatically gravitate towards Facebook, Twitter or a favourite news website or make a quick phone call home? We’re not saying you should stop these activities completely, but we would like to point out that you could be spending those ten minutes far more productively.

Here are 10 new skills you can learn in 10 minutes.

  1. Master some Gmail keyboard shortcuts. These particular ones will need to be activated in the settings menu before using.

Press Shift along with:

  • C to compose a new message
  • R to reply to email sender only
  • A to reply to all
  • J and K to move up and down through the messages in your inbox
  • Tab+Enter to send a message
  1. Learn CPR from this Vinny Jones video
  1. Learn 6 ways to tie a tie
  1. And 6 ways to fold a pocket square
  1. How to remember which side of your car the petrol pump should be on. Most dashboards have a handy arrow, which many people completely fail to notice.

  1. Make contact with one person you met at a networking event but didn’t follow up
  1. Use LastPass or a similar app to generate some really secure passwords
  1. Revisit your Facebook friends list and remove people you’re not really interested in being friends with. We (well, those of us who use Facebook!) all have a least a few who we accepted out of obligation or added out of sheer nosiness.
  1. Use a mug and a microwave to make a delicious chocolate cake
  1. Declutter one area of your home or office, using our top tips

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