5 steps to leaving stress behind when you go on holiday

BY Sue Williamson

We can almost hear you asking why you need a guide to a relaxing holiday – all you need to do is book the holiday, travel on the correct date and relax. For some, it’s not quite as simple as that because you can’t switch off from work to concentrate on your hard-earned free time.

The main secret behind being able to relax on holidays or to have an adventurous, action-packed break if that’s what you prefer, is planning. You know when your last day at work will be, so make sure you don’t have anything hanging over you while you’re on leave.

Here’s how to make it happen.

Plan – As we mentioned earlier, you know when you will be travelling so prepare for it. Try to keep your schedule less full than normal the week before so you don’t end up in a last minute panic trying to finish everything off. Work out what must be done before you go and what can wait until you get back. Create a to-do list, allocate time to completing each task and get to it.

Delegate – Some or all your workload can be handed over to a colleague, Personal Assistant or Virtual Assistant while you are on holiday. Be clear about what needs to be done, and make sure you provide adequate instructions. Don’t just dump it all on their desk as you run out the door – this won’t work well for anyone involved.

Switch your phone off – Don’t bring your work phone on holiday. If you must bring it, delete your email app and as a general rule don’t give out your mobile number as a contact number ‘in case you need me’. As long as one person can get hold of you in a genuine emergency, that’s enough. If you need to, set up a redirect or pay for an answering service to cover your holiday time.

Use your out-of-office message – Spend five minutes before you leave work adding an out-of-office autoreply to your email account. State that you are out of the office until x date, will not be responding to emails and provide an alternative contact within your organisation. Managing expectations means nobody will (reasonably) expect a reply from you and you are not obliged to send one.

Communicate before you go – Let colleagues, regular clients and others who may need to know that you will be going on holiday. Again, this will help manage expectations and reduce any work-related stress you may be experiencing.

Finally, wherever you are travelling to this summer, we hope you have a fantastic time and look forward to working with you again soon.

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