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I was lucky enough yesterday to meet Ailsa and Trisha from Renew Physio because now I’m just in time to tell you about two offers they’re running.

To to link up with Back Care Awareness Week Renew Physio are offering 50% off massages (prices start at £12.50)  I have it on good authority that places are booking up quickly so give them a call and get some relief.

The second is an open evening at their Canning Street premises on Wednesday 13th October 5:30-8:30 in conjunction with Kinnarps . Go along enjoy a glass of wine, try out a Kinnarps tailor made workstation and see if your back and neck pain might be caused by your desk and chair. I might see you there.

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  1. / ReplyIssy Warrack
    Hi Diane Is this event tonight? It mentions Wed and the 15th?

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