Happy St George’s Day

Today is England’s national day but there is no day off, no fireworks and no official street parties (although nothing’s stopping you from doing all three yourself ). Look out for people wearing a red rose England’s national flower. 

Here are 10 things you may not have known about St. George and his scaly foe:

 St George

He was born in Turkey (in Cappadocia).

He became a Roman soldier.

He was beheaded at Lydda in Palestine.

He is also the patron saint of Ethiopia, Russia and Lithuania

He is the patron saint of scouts and cavalry and helps those with leprosy, syphilis and plague.

The dragon:

In the middle ages the dragon was commonly used to represent the devil.

Eating dragon tongue enables you to win any argument.

Roasted swallows are the Chinese dragon’s favourite food.

Dragons love music

3 toed dragons are Japanese.

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