How to make sure your digital content is safe

BY Sue Williamson

While this guide is primarily intended for use with business content, the tips are equally applicable to our personal lives. If your computer/cloud storage/mobile device crashed tomorrow, how many irreplaceable photos and files could you potentially lose?

Whether that involves customer records, critical business documents, or your children’s baby photos, we’re sure you’d much rather avoid such a loss. The truth is, most digital losses are preventable, but many of us don’t take enough care of our content.

Be honest – how much of your digital content is backed up regularly?

If you could do with some pointers, or a refresher on how to deal with backing up digital files, read on for our top tips.

Backing up your digital content

Automate it – The most reliable way to avoid forgetting to do something is to instruct some software to do it for you instead. Have a look at the devices you use and see which apps and programs can be set to backup automatically. Use it!

Be regular – Don’t leave backing up until you suddenly remember one day that it’s been a while since you last did it. Schedule creating back-ups into your routine. At least once a week is preferable

Secure it – Don’t forget to add secure passwords to your backups. There’s no point protecting your originals with your life if you’re going to make it easy for the copies to be accessed.

Store wisely – If you’re backing sensitive information onto an external hard drive, make sure to store it somewhere sensible. Don’t leave it lying next to your computer – should your computer be stolen; the thief is likely to grab the hard drive too. Similarly, should your computer be damaged by fire or a spillage, a hard drive left nearby will potentially also be affected.

Think mobile – When you’re backing up your digital data, don’t overlook that which lives on your mobile or tablet. Chances are, you’ll have some sensitive and critical information on there if you use it for business purposes. Be thorough – you’ll be grateful you did if anything does go wrong.

When it comes to choosing how to backup digital content, it’s generally advisable to use more than one method. There’s nothing wrong with having your content on your computer or mobile device, in one (or more) cloud servers and on an external hard drive.

It may be a faff to sort out in the first place, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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