Regain time with Android productivity apps

BY Sue Williamson

Earlier this month we published a blog about iPhone and iPad productivity apps and how they could help you to regain some inefficiently-used time. If you use an Android device, here’s our pick of the top five productivity apps for you.

Give at least one of them a try and find out how investing just ten minutes could enable you to reclaim a significant amount of wasted time.

Evernote (From Free) 

Exactly as we said in our iOS blog, Evernote has featured on every productivity app blog we’ve published, and it will continue to do so unless something drastic happens. Evernote is a virtual notebook in your pocket, enabling you to save photos, web pages, videos, reminders, PDFs, documents and pretty much anything else you can think of. Everything you save can be accessed from the web, desktop or mobile versions of the app, making it incredibly easy to stay on top of things, no matter where you end up working from. The basic version of Evernote is free, with paid options available to those who require increased functionality.

Asana (From Free) 

Asana is a must for team working and remote collaboration. Ditch email and communicate via the app, sync tasks, update projects and even send notifications that a task is complete. Asana works with a range of software, including Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Slack and more to keep you, your team and your work up to date and instantly viewable, no matter where you are. The mobile app is free, pricing for Asana depends on the number of users required.

SwiftKey (Free) 

A custom keyboard may not seem like the most productive of apps, but wait and see how much time you save once it starts to learn your vocabulary and actually auto-complete words you want to use. Once you get the knack of the swipe keyboard, it will make typing an awful lot faster too. Remember, all those minutes will soon add up!

LastPass (From Free) 

Security is important when all of your work and confidential communication is carried out online, which is where LastPass comes in. Each time you access a new website, LastPass will remember the password and enter your details automatically next time round. Record important information, back-up secure documents, generate strong passwords and share logins with other LastPass users when necessary. Increased functionality is available on paid versions of the app.

Cloud Print (Free) 

This app is incredibly simple and that’s partly why we love it. Install this app on your Android device and print anything you like to a Google Cloud Print-enabled printer. It really is that easy!

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