Start 2018 on the Right Foot with a Virtual Assistant

BY Sue Williamson

You’ve planned for 2018, you know what you want to do, the action plan is on paper and you’re raring to go.

You look at the action list again and realise you need to clone yourself to get it all done.

Recognising that you can’t do everything yourself or that there are aspects of your business that you don’t like doing is a great start but when you have been in the habit of juggling it all, it can be difficult to hand over to someone else.

If you are considering using our award winning Virtual Assistant services but can’t quite bring yourself to let go of the myriad of tasks you want to delegate, here’s how to make the process easier.

With over 17 years of experience and a team offering a wide range of skills, you can rest assured that we will complete all tasks to an excellent standard – now just follow these steps to take the stress out of relinquishing sole responsibility.

Getting started with a VA

Be prepared!

We want to do things right first time, so we need you to give us clear instructions. If you have written procedures do let us have a copy. If you don’t have written procedures but do have specific requirements, now is a great time to put it in writing, we can help with that too.

Communicate clearly

The working relationship will be much smoother with clear communication at the outset. Don’t worry if you leave something out; we will actively seek regular feedback and are always happy to make changes. You want to grow your business successfully – so do we!

Timely responses to emailed questions or telephone messages will help us all to work smoothly, efficiently and in plenty of time for your deadlines.

Relevant information

Providing us with as much information as possible helps to be star assistants from day 1 and that’s what we want to achieve.

Some of the details you may wish to pass on may include:

A list of regular tasks, deadlines and recurring events. We find tools such as Google Calendar helpful for this as you (or we if required) can change or add details which are instantly shared.

A detailed handover document (if you don’t have one of these, we can provide one). This usually contains information on where to find procedures you would like followed; your formatting standards; preferred contact methods; when you would like updates; deadlines… Anything you can think of that will let us complete your tasks without needing to bombard you with questions! After all, the whole point of hiring a VA is to free up your time.

Usernames and passwords for any systems you would like us to use. This may include Webmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or WordPress.

Making initial contact

Now that you know how to facilitate a smooth handover to your new virtual assistant, it’s time to get in touch and let us know what you would like help with.

Remember you are not tied into a monthly contract, you can call on us as and when you need a helping hand.

It’s not just us who think we can change people’s businesses, have a look at the excellent feedback our clients have given us.

Still unsure, contact us today for a free consultation to find out exactly how a Virtual Assistant could improve your life and help grow your business!

cushion the impact  provides award winning personal and virtual assistance and customised lifestyle management for hard working and hard living individuals and small business owners.  We know there aren’t enough hours in the day, so let us help you live an organised, efficient, & fulfilling life. Take a deep breath & call us today.  Your personal service awaits!!

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