Thanks! I do feel like the cavalry is appearing over the crest of the hill. Julie | Maidenhead

Busy HR Manager wanting a better quality life

I would recommend cushion the impact without hesitation. I have used their service a number of times for everything from finding tradespeople to supervising workmen in my house and even thinking up and arranging special events. Fast, effective, professional and able to deal with the most unexpected problems on the spot. Best of all they have great ideas.

Dominic | Westminster

Rationalising paperwork from two homes for an elderly lady

Andrea is fantastic, she turns up cheerful and happy with a gust of energy and throws herself into piles of indecipherable paperwork and within minutes has sorted it out into order followed by meticulous documentation making it all very accessible. Hard working, highly intelligent, knowledgeable about the workings of the world, Andrea is a delight to have around.

Margaret | South Kensington