Time Management Habits of Creative Minds

Take inspiration from Beethoven’s and Dickens’ time management and how they spent their days.

When people think about creative people and their working habits, many assume they live as hermits, closing themselves off from the outside world to finish their latest masterpieces.

This couldn’t be further from the truth for some of the greatest creative minds the world has ever known; Beethoven got eight hours’ sleep per night and spent around four hours prior to that socialising.

Next time you find yourself falling into the trap of working far too long and neglecting everything else, look at this great infographic from In Info We Trust.

The work/life balance of some of the greats:

  • While writing Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert slept for 7 hours a night, 5.5 hours writing, 5 hours reading and 4.5 hours eating and socialising.
  • Thomas Mann definitely believed in the powers of a good night’s sleep, eight hours a night and an hour-long afternoon nap during his average working day. He also spent 6.5 hours per day socialising and eating, with just 3 hours spent writing.
  • Beethoven, as mentioned earlier, also slept for 8 hours per night, walked for two hours after dinner and worked for another eight hours. He didn’t skimp on socialising either, spending 4.5 hours reading in a tavern on an average evening.
  • Sigmund Freud devoted less of his time to sleeping; indulging in just six hours per night. He spent a massive 12.5 hours per day working, but took breaks regularly to spend time with his family or to take a brisk walk.
  • Charles Dickens generally spent 7 hours sleeping, 5 hours writing, 3 hours walking and 9 hours socialising and eating.

If they could achieve such great work without giving up their family time, social life and sleep, so can you!

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