Top 10 tips: Sale shopping

  1. Make a plan in advance.  Check your favourite shops or designer labels and ask when their promotions are. If you have a good relationship with a particular shop, they may even give you a heads-up on their forthcoming sales. Customers with store cards are sometimes offered access to the sale products in advance of doors opening to the general public.
  2. Know what you want before buying it. If you are buying something specific, make sure you have researched the item. Is it the right size, height, depth, weight. Why do you want it and does it tick the boxes you’ve researched. Have you checked the price in other shops or online? Sales prices are not always the best available.
  3. Make a list and stick to it! Head straight for those shops and if the items are there, great. If they’re not, resist resist resist the temptations that lie in front of you!
  4. Do you really want the item?! Always ask yourself whether you would want the item if it weren’t reduced. Remember that the reason the majority of the items are in the sale is that they couldn’t be sold at full price.
  5. Does the item have longevity? Clothes in the sale are often high fashion so consider how long the trend might last and for how long you’ll be able to wear it.
  6. Get your basics. Buy your staple wardrobe during the sales – t-shirts, jeans, underwear.
  7. Sale reductions tend to go in waves. On the first day the loss-leaders are out to draw in the crowds. Normally, however, most of the stock is reduced around 20-30%. Towards the end of the sale further reductions tend to appear as the stores try to clear their stock. It might be worth trying again just before the end of the sale in case your favourite item appears.
  8. Use your credit card. Not normally ones to advocate credit card usage, it’s often better to buy goods, sales or otherwise with a credit card as they offer protection for high values purchases. If you buy online there is an automatic “any reason” cancellation period (check for exemptions) which allows you to examine the goods. Ensure you buy from reputable sellers and always read terms given before buying the item as well as the information sent to you afterwards, Googling the name of the company you are buying from can save you hassles if the company appears with more complaints than praise.
  9. Importantly, check the returns policy. Most shops differ especially when it comes to sale items. There is no default right to return any goods unless they are damaged (and you weren’t aware of it when you bought the item) or not suit for purpose. if there is nothing wrong with the item then you can only rely on the sellers goodwill policy (no fuss returns etc).
  10. Enjoy! Most importantly, enjoy what you buy!

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