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cushion the impact ltd was founded in London in 2000 by Andrea Osborne. As one of the first such companies in the UK, we have always been at the forefront of the growth of the lifestyle management and concierge industry.

We are passionate about the solutions we provide for our clients, no matter what their age, status or stage in life. Our clients are the reason we are here.

You are an individual and we treat you as one. We are not a call centre. We get to know you so we can be proactive on your behalf.   Whenever possible, you deal with the same member of our team as the trust and relationship you have with us is vital.

Thanks to the support of our clients, we have achieved recognition in national press and several awards over the last fifteen years while we have been helping people like you live the lives they want to lead rather than the lives they feel they have to today’s frantic world.

Call us what you like … lifestyle manager, concierge, personal assistant, executive assistant, virtual assistant, amanuensis or fairy godmother, but call us to see how your life can change for the better.

Less Stress. More Fun. Less Overwhelm. More Calm.

The Team

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Andrea Osborne.
Andrea is a born organiser and loves it. In her first job in London, she streamlined her After Sales and Tuning Manager role so efficiently that the job decreased from 40+ hours a week to two afternoons a week. It’s great to be a born organiser but not so great when you organise yourself out of your own job! After reading an article about concierge companies in the USA, she realised she had been doing this for years. A decade in IT as a consultant project manager confirmed to Andrea that she preferred human beings to PCs. So began cushion the impact ltd and she hasn’t looked back since.

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Helena Barrowclough
. In 2010 Helena took early retirement from her role in the civil service as auditor and budget manager for £15 million. Since leaving the civil service, Helena has travelled the world and one of her most recent trips was 6 weeks in China, Cuba is next. She was also a Training Event Volunteer and Opening Ceremony Volunteer at the London Olympics 2012. Helena loves getting people’s lives, homes and businesses shipshape!

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Doug Angus.
Doug worked as a senior manager in a national utility company for over 30 years. His project management skills and experience in the corporate world bring further depth to the expertise in the cushion team. Doug is often seen cycling between clients and is very happy under water indulging his passion of scuba diving. After almost 30 years together, he and Andrea finally tied the knot last year, clearly a rush decision.

website15 Sue Williamson

Sue Williamson. 
Juggling two children, work and a degree course means Susan is a dab hand at making the most of her time through organisation and much-practiced time management skills. After working in the financial services sector, Susan started work in the fields of virtual assistance and social media in 2009 and when she’s not working, Susan can generally be found with her nose in a book.

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