How we make a difference

At some point in your life, you’ve undoubtedly experienced times when the demands of managing your personal life seriously impact your family life and your working life or vice versa.

At cushion the impact, our services are designed to target the areas of your business and personal lives that need re-balancing.

Our goal is to help you live a smarter, stress free life.

Typical Concierge Services

  • party planning
  • special events
  • entertainment
  • personal shopping
  • travel arrangements
  • sourcing gifts
  • holidays
  • the finer things in life . . .

You’re unique, so are your lifestyle needs

‘There has been no part of my experience with cushion the impact that has been anything less than superb. I cannot describe how pleased I am that I called you.’ Francis | London

Our services are tailored to you, your business or family, or all three if needed and the variety of services we offer reflects this. During our discussions with you about your lifestyle or business circumstances, we identify the solutions that improve the quality of your life or the performance of your business and throughout your relationship with us these solutions are continually refined to reflect changes in your needs.

Typical Home Services

  • home management
  • moving home
  • organisation
  • decluttering
  • gardening & landscaping
  • redecorating or refurbishments
  • property management
  • your to do list done…

You may require us to take charge of a specific area of your life, perhaps managing many of the day-to-day aspects that running a busy household entails. Or, it may be in targeting regular activities that would benefit from concierge services, for instance entertaining friends or business acquaintances or buying gifts for that special person.

Similarly with your business. There are always burdensome but necessary tasks that stop you and your business performing at your peak which could best be outsourced to a trusted business service partner…cushion the impact.

Typical Business Services

  • personal assistant
  • virtual assistant
  • administration
  • sales & marketing support
  • project management
  • travel arrangements
  • time management
  • help to grow your business…

You define our services

So, while we have a list of lifestyle management and concierge services we offer, it doesn’t stop there. These are a guide; examples to get you thinking about the areas of your personal and business life we could help with. Ultimately, you define the service we provide you with.

Everyone would like a great work life balance – we help you achieve it.

Award winning lifestyle management and business support services

We are extremely proud to consistently win and feature highly in top awards and accolades for virtual assistant service, lifestyle management and concierge services, business services and property services.

  • Lifestyle management, concierge and PA services since 2000.
  • No membership fees. No joining fees. No fixed contract.
  • You decide where we work: your home/office or virtually from our office or elsewhere.
  • You decide when and how often: on an hourly basis, an ad hoc basis or on specific projects.
  • All the benefits of a knowledgeable assistant and confidante working with you as your professional and personal lives grow.
  • None of the hassle of PAYE or holiday pay.
  • Comprehensive insurance.
  • Full confidentiality.
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