50 Things to Delegate to a VA

BY cushion the impact

If you’ve recognised that you need a little extra help but aren’t quite sure what to delegate to a virtual assistant, this blog is for you. Below are 50 of the most common requests we get from clients and should give you a good idea of what we can do. Number 50 is the most important one though – the only limit is your imagination (and the law!)

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  1. Respond to your emails
  2. Organise emails
  3. Follow up with clients
  4. Keep clients updated
  5. Send Thank You cards to clients
  6. Create surveys
  7. Update client information
  8. Write Tweets!
  9. Update your LinkedIn status
  10. Organise your mailing lists
  11. Update your website
  12. Send newsletters
  13. Create newsletters
  14. Update blogs
  15. Submit articles
  16. Submit press releases
  17. Update contacts from networking events
  18. Follow up after networking events
  19. Mystery shopping
  20. Make appointments
  21. Maintain your diary
  22. Book transport
  23. Create itineraries
  24. Coordinate your next event
  25. Collate RSVPs
  26. Proof reading
  27. Bookkeeping
  28. Data entry
  29. Prepare hand-outs
  30. Create delegate lists
  31. Scan important documents
  32. Handle your post
  33. Data entry
  34. Create reports
  35. Create spreadsheets
  36. Handle your paperwork
  37. Write your correspondence
  38. Order office supplies
  39. Relocation help
  40. Research new office space
  41. Ensure insurances are current
  42. Make telephone calls
  43. Setting up podcasts
  44. Reminder service
  45. Office organisation
  46. Canva creations
  47. Paperwork calming
  48. Meeting setup
  49. Last minute help
  50. Anything else you can think of…

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