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If you’ve been reading our blogs and newsletters (and you have been reading haven’t you?), you will be more than familiar with the excellent time management tips successful strategies Andrea has in her repertoire.  This summer, she will be spreading the word even further by speaking at the How To Academy’s Student Life Skills events.

The two five-day events, taking place in Central London, are aimed at 16-23 year olds with a view to providing them with a variety of valuable life skills which they can take with them as they move on to the next stage of their lives. Whether the young person is heading to university, starting out in a career or still to take their A-level exams, learning How To: Fit It All In will help to make everything run a little smoother.

In addition to the time management skills Andrea will share, the Student Life Skills jamborees  include talks from experts in the fields of interview skills, getting ahead in a career, cooking cheap and healthy food, avoiding drugs and alcohol abuse and everything else you want your teenager or young adult to learn.

The July and August five-day courses are now available for booking through the How To Academy’s website, with an early bird discount offered for a limited period only.

cushion the impact  provides award winning personal and virtual assistance and customised lifestyle management for hard working and hard living individuals and small business owners.  We know there aren’t enough hours in the day, so let us help you live an organised, efficient, & fulfilling life. Take a deep breath & call us today.  Your personal service awaits!!

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