Andrea speaks at Assist Conference – Friday 26th February

BY Sue Williamson

The Assist Conference will be back once more on 26th February, and Andrea will be speaking about the future of assistants.

In the main room, just after 2pm, anyone planning to attend will find Andrea discussing her topic – Virtual Reality: Will We All Become Virtual Assistants in The End?

“In the past few years many assistants have been making the choice to turn into Virtual Assistants. But in the future will we actually have a choice? In a few years’ time will we all be VAs? In this session we will look at the shift in working conditions for VAs, how can current assistants take control of their own career, skills and what would they need to do to make the transition happen?”

If you want to learn more, buy your ticket for the Assist Conference at The Forge on Friday 26th,tickets are selling out fast.

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