Don’t Miss the HMRC Self-Assessment Deadline – 31st January

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If you are self-employed, own a small business, rent out a second property, or are in the 40% tax bracket, the clock is ticking towards the deadline for submitting your Self-Assessment to HMRC. Too late to submit the paper version (you can but you’ll be fined, and probably have been already) as it needed to have been done by 31st October, so feel free to ignore this post for now (but bookmark it for next year, of course!), but those of you who opted for online submission have until 31st January to submit the online forms.

Stop procrastinating and get working on it.

If you’re late you will be fined and nobody wants to pay more than necessary when it comes to taxes! If you have struggled to keep on top of your paperwork, or are just discovering the massive mess you need to sort through before completing your Self-Assessment, give us a call to find out how we can help you. Our business support services would have had all of that in perfect order months ago!

If you have come to the crashing realisation that your organisation and time management skills are not quite what they could be, we are running a free webinar on 23rd January covering 10 Essential Tips for Getting Everything Done in 2014. We suspect the webinar could come in quite handy and we love nothing more than helping people make better use of their time. Just think of what else you could be doing that would be far more enjoyable than that form!  Register now and you will be well equipped to spend more time with your family, friends and favourite hobbies by the end of the month.

To help make the dreaded Self-Assessment form a little easier to tackle, here is a quick list of everything you will need to hand when you sit down to complete it:

  • Your Self-Assessment online log-in details. If you don’t have these to hand, contact the HMRC helpdesk immediately to make sure you get them reissued on time.
  • Details of your income in the 2012/13 tax year. This may include employment, rental income, pensions and any capital gains or losses and any other income.
  • Depending on your circumstances, you may also need details of charitable donations, PPI refunds, life insurance gains, AVC claims and any other taxable income. Your accountant will be able to give you a more detailed list.

Take the sting out of your 2013/14 tax return

How would you like to sit down to next year’s tax return, knowing you have everything you need right in front of you and it will only take a few, stress-free minutes to file? Whether you send it as soon as possible after the end of the tax year or leave it to the last minute, we can help you to maintain perfect records year round. We will do the time-consuming work so you can get on with your business. Read more about our business support services or get in touch today for more information.

cushion the impact  provides award winning personal and virtual assistance and customised lifestyle management for hard working and hard living individuals and small business owners.  We know there aren’t enough hours in the day, so let us help you live an organised, efficient, & fulfilling life. Take a deep breath & call us today.  Your personal service awaits!!

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