How to Travel Like an A-Lister with Airport VIP Services

Hands up who actually enjoys travelling through an airport? While the shopping opportunities may be a novelty if you only fly occasionally, it doesn’t take long for the shine to wear off through regular visits. If you fly a lot, whether for work or pleasure, there is a way to make it an awful lot more enjoyable. Skip the fast food and security scrums and fast-track yourself straight to luxury by using a VIP service. As always, these are just a few of the options available; for more information or alternative suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Virgin Atlantic Guest List

If you’re planning to travel from Gatwick or Heathrow to San Francisco, New York, Boston or Washington, it’s well worth looking into Virgin Atlantic’s Guest List service. Members can avail of chauffer driven cars to and from the airport, use of the service’s private security screening (avoiding the inevitable smelly feet in the standard queue!), access to the Clubhouse and more. Even your luggage will be treated like a VIP.

Lufthansa Guide Service

Travelling to Frankfurt or Munich? If you’re worried about your lack of German, why not book a Lufthansa Guide to navigate you through the airport? The English (or other language, as required) –speaking guide will prove invaluable as you come to the realisation that Frankfurt airport is particularly tricky to find your way around! In fact, it would be quite handy to have a golf cart service too…

Heathrow VIP

The next time you fly from Heathrow, have a look at the VIP service. Rather than being limited to those flying with a particular airline, this service is available to anyone holding a premium ticket with any one of the Heathrow-based airlines (that is, flying in a cabin other than economy). The service includes use of the Windsor Suite in Terminal 5, with limousine transfer to other terminals where required, use of a private lounge, baggage handling, catering, VIP security and more. Transfers from home are not included as standard but can be arranged on request. However, you will be driven to the door of your plane and boarded through a private VIP entrance.

Gatwick First

Be treated like a celebrity next time you travel through Gatwick by availing of the Gatwick First concierge service. A uniformed concierge will greet you on arrival and lead you to a private check-in desk, before escorting you through the premium security channels and onwards to the international departure lounge. Any personal shopping or food requests can be dealt with by your concierge, who will finish the service by accompanying you to the appropriate departure gate. An arrivals concierge service is also available.

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