International Pillow Fight Day – Saturday 5th April 2014

We’ve already told you that Friday 4th April is International Carrot Day but that’s not the only eccentric celebration taking place  – Saturday 5th April is International Pillow Fight Day.

Never mind that it’s the end of the tax year, spending the day taking part in a massive pillow fight is far more fun! Apologies to any tax accountants who may be reading…

A few public pillow fights have already been lined up in London but more are always welcome. If one of the already planned events is in a venue you can easily reach, why not contact the organisers to see if they need any help? Rather than competing for a limited audience, collaboration could help you all to achieve the best free public pillow fight ever. Just how many feathers can fly in Trafalgar Square at once?

The Urban Playground Movement started Pillow Fight Day in 2008 as part of a goal to introduce free, public events worldwide, which would encourage people to reject consumerism, move away from their televisions and start doing something which was just pure, simple fun.

The rules of the event are simple – soft pillows only, no hitting anyone who hasn’t got a pillow, take off your glasses and no hitting the people with the cameras. The event will kick off by Nelson’s Column at 3pm.

Will you be taking part in this year’s Trafalgar Square pillow fight? Or will you be organising your own? Either way, get in touch and tell us all about it. Just add a comment to the blog – we cannot wait to hear about the event!

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