July 2014’s New London Restaurants

Would you believe us if we said there was, until a few days ago, a cuisine not represented by any of London’s numerous restaurants? The city’s first Creole restaurant opened in Camden on 10th July and is one of the fabulous new eateries featuring in this month’s blog.

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The Bayou Soul 

And here it is – London’s first Creole restaurant. The word “bayou” means slow moving stream, which represents the vibe the restaurant’s owners would like it to have. They want diners to wander in and out, eating when they like rather than sticking to the conventional lunch/dinner and starter/main course formats. If you’re not sure what Creole food is, think beef, seafood gumbo and smoked ribs.

20 Inverness Street, Camden, NW1 7HJ Telephone: 020 7284 0989


If Creole food isn’t quite what you fancy, how about some experimental dining in Notting Hill? The chef here wants to mess with the way we eat food and he seems to be doing a good job of it so far! How does foie gras with chocolate or tomatoes with vanilla sound? Or potato emulsion with pink grapefruit and garlic butter? It’s definitely not one for fussy eaters but word on the street is that Wormwood is unmissable for the more adventurous amongst us.

16 All Saints Road, London, W11 1HH Telephone: 020 7854 1808


Fantastic Italian food, made by Italians with over two decades’ experience of creating pasta in Italy AND it’s lighter and healthier than normal pasta. What more could you want from an Italian meal in London? How about speedy service too? For all of the above, visit Scarpetta on Cannon Street. With a menu boasting super salads, pastas, meats and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, Scarpetta is one of the most enjoyable and nutritious places to dine Italian-style nearer to home.

110 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6EU Telephone: 07525 644 792

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