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Put it away – life laundry & clutter clearing 

“I know it’s somewhere in the house.”

“When is the phone bill due?”

Sound familiar? With your own personal lifestyle manager to listen to your needs, those questions will become a thing of the past. We’ll suggest how best to manage and eliminate those never-ending to do lists. From filing your paperwork, organising your photographs to designing and implementing an administration system for your office or home and de-cluttering your world, we cushion the impact to stop you from becoming overwhelmed.

 Call us and let us help create calm out of chaos.


Relax in either the House or Lodge on the banks of the iconic river Tay at Horsey Reach 

To Paris and stay in the very cool Mama Shelter  and send us a postcard


Freshen up and help out. All the proceeds of this special soap from Lush are going to the charity Peace Boat 

Veg out in this quirky deck chair it’s just the thing for the garden to watch the flowers grow.


Movies as never before… 30-second versions of famous films such as Titanic, Jaws and Casablanca, with bunnies as the stars. What better! The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre, by Angry Alien Productions Back to the Future is our current favourite.

The Ceremony of Keys at The Tower of London. This ceremony is over 700 years old and is performed every evening from 9.30-10.05. The only way you can take part is to be invited but that’s relatively easy as you just need to send a letter and ask to attend. Full details are here 


A classy storage unit or a stunning garden room from Armadilla. 

Wellies got stylish. We’re tempted by the bright red  Thurloe 


Go to the Big Feastival  on Clapham Common, London, July 1, 2 and 3  Get in early on the Earlybird Offer 

Get another great Early Bird Deal at the MP’S Bistro at The Parliament House Hotel in Edinburgh one of the capital’s best kept hotel secrets

2 Courses including 1 Glass of Wine £14.00 per person, 3 Courses  plus the glassof wine £16.00 per person. Available 6pm-7.30pm.

If you haven’t tried it already, try Booking Office in the newly opened St Pancras Renaissance Hotel on Euston Road is a wonderful room, the cocktails aren’t bad either! The Gilbert Scott restaurant is tasty too. It’s had mixed reviews but for a Friday birthday lunch it was very enjoyable…but the Saxo sage and onion stuffing side dish tastes just like Saxo’s sage and onion stuffing out of a packet…they assured your taster it wasn’t out of a box! Let us know what you think.

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