Meetings you should always avoid

It’s no secret that meetings can be (and regularly are) a monumental waste of time. Between the time away from your desk getting to and from the meeting venue, the off-topic conversations that pop up at least once during the meeting and the agenda items irrelevant to you, there are a lot of reasons not to be there.

We’re sure you have plenty of more valuable uses for your time in mind, so here’s how to cull the list of meetings you attend and harness that time for something more productive.

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Top types of meetings to avoid

  • Unclear agenda or worse, no agenda. If a meeting has no clear agenda, it’s best avoided. Meetings are all well and good when they’re necessary, but don’t let one waste hours of your time.
  • Review monthly meetings and standing repeat appointments. Are they really necessary?
  • Someone else’s meeting. You may need to be there, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking you must attend every meeting you are invited to
  • Lengthy meetings. Will it really take 2 or 3 hours to discuss the issue at hand? If not, request a shorter meeting.
  • Two meetings in the same morning or afternoon. Don’t book out an entire day (or half day) to multiple meetings. Meetings can tend to blur into each other.
  • Lunch meetings. Make the most of the downtime you get in the middle of the day. Take a break, the rest will do you good and increase your productivity

The golden rule of meetings is generally not to have them.

Other methods of communication can be more efficient and effective, so try to employ the services of your trusty email account or pick up your telephone if it’s likely to have better results.

Your work life balance will thank you!

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