Our Top 5 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

How many times have you despaired at having a seemingly endless to-do list and nowhere near enough time to do it? We have all complained about having no time but, in reality, we usually do have enough time; we just spend it doing the wrong things.  As Andrea leads up to launching her time management e-book and course, we thought we would give you a taster of five of her top tips for avoiding procrastination.

  1. Recognise what you are doing

The first step towards minimising time-wasting is acknowledging that you are doing it. Think about what you tend to do when you are putting off a task:

  • you find yourself staring into space
  • paper is shuffled around your desk
  • you drink more cups of tea than is comfortable
  • log on to Facebook to see what everyone is having for lunch?

Once you have identified your time-eaters, make a conscious effort not to let them slip into your working time. It’s fine and even advisable to take a break every now and again, but don’t let these activities rule your day.

  1. Break yourself in gently

Procrastinators often avoid tasks until they have come up with the perfect plan or solution. Recognise that perfection does not exist

  • set yourself an easy target to get started
  • tackle the job head on
  • set a timer for half an hour
  • allow yourself a short break
  1. Remove distractions

Use apps to block distracting websites such as Facebook and Twitter, turn off your email notifications, switch your phone to silent or voicemail and get to work!

Don’t give yourself an excuse not to do what needs to be done.

  1. Be realistic

Regardless of how amazing you are, there are only so many hours in the day and all the time management skills in the world cannot change this. Create a to-do list for yourself but make it achievable. Remember that a completed list of ten tasks is better than a list of twenty tasks that you are never going to fit in to your day.  You can always write a new list if you finish the first.

  1. Reward yourself

Everyone reacts well to rewards, even when we give them to ourselves. Once you have completed the first block of work, let yourself have ten minutes on Facebook, a piece of chocolate, a cup of tea or whatever is likely to motivate you to keep going!

For more tips like these and to share in Andrea’s expert knowledge of time management skills, watch this space for the free webinar due to broadcast at the end of April, Andrea’s e-book and range of strategy sessions. Just think what you could achieve with a little extra time.

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