Who really uses a professional organiser…lifestyle manager….personal assistant…concierge?

You do.

You may feel as though you’re not the type to need or want a professional organiser or lifestyle manager or concierge or personal assistant (or whatever you would like to call us, we answer to Girl Friday, Amenuensis, Go To Gal, Wonder Women…and a lot more!), but wait until you find out what we can achieve together.

  • Creating a easy to use filing system
  • Improving the processes you use for business or home-related tasks
  • Devising methods of improving time management
  • Becoming more productive
  • Decluttering that cupboard, room, entire house or business premises you’ve been meaning to sort out since the year dot
  • Helping you to set up, and stick to, a routine for getting the kids to school, ferried to clubs and activities, and fed on time. We will even manage to schedule in some down-time for you!
  • Reducing stress by using effective routines and removing unnecessary clutter, both in terms of physical items and entries on your to-do list
  • Organising anything else you feel you need help with
  • Changing lives

As you can see, the services of a professional organiser (or whatever you would like to call us) are varied and probably far more applicable to your daily life than you may have thought.

Still think you’re not the type? Here are examples of some clients who have used our organisation services:

  • Parents seeking to balance careers with children’s hectic schedules and their own need for relaxation
  • Entrepreneurs struggling for a solution to bulging inboxes and less-than-ideal methods of dealing with heavy workloads
  • People recognising it was, at last, time to enlist the help of a declutterer but one who listens to your needs
  • Those facing a major life change needing to overhaul how they did things and learn new habits

Do you fall into any of those categories?

Has reading this made you realise that you may like some organising after all?
Get in touch today for your free 30 minute spotlight session to find out how your life can change.

cushion the impact  provides award winning personal and virtual assistance and customised lifestyle management for hard working and hard living individuals and small business owners.  We know there aren’t enough hours in the day, so let us help you live an organised, efficient, & fulfilling life. Take a deep breath & call us today.  Your personal service awaits!!

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