The Tax Deadline Cometh

BY cushion the impact

Remember that the deadline for online filing and payment for your tax bill is 31/1/11. You can do it online which is relatively straightforward but our top tip would be to get everything done before the last couple of days because there always seem to be system failures and problems at the last minute due to the pressure of numbers.

If you’re swamped give us a call we can organise your receipts and papers to give to your accountant and speed up getting your return… returned.

Once you’re done and dusted for this year save yourself the same headache next year and set up a Budget Payment Plan. That way you pay as you go by Direct Debit and can breathe a bit easier at this time of year. Just go to the HMRC website under do it online select Self Assessment. Once you’ve logged in just follow the Direct Debit Payment option on the left hand menu.

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