Time Management – Be Productive Even Though It’s Friday

If you’re suffering from a Friday slump, you’re not alone. Many of us find the last day of the working week a bit of a struggle, particularly those of us who work in offices with a Dress Down Friday culture and are already in our weekend clothes. It’s surprising how much of a difference a change of clothes can make!

Anyway, slump or no, you still have 20% of the working week to go and it’s time to pull your socks up and make the most of it. That may seem like we’re being harsh but, really, we want you to be able to start your weekend at 5pm sharp. What are your plans? Pub? Shopping? Family time?

Whatever this weekend has in store for you, be productive this Friday and get as much time off as possible.

4 Tips for Friday Productivity

  • It’s too late for this one today, but try it from next week. Adjust the time you leave home in the morning (and possibly the office in the evening) to avoid as much traffic or public transport congestion as you can. Don’t waste time travelling.
  • Try to avoid planning meetings for Friday afternoons. Use the time to tie up loose ends and finish off the week’s tasks and projects instead.
  • Make the most of the quieter day to get more done. Having fewer people in the office and on the telephone means you will be subjected to fewer distractions. Always use this to your advantage.
  • Finish Friday afternoon by planning for next week. Not only will it round your week off nicely, it will also make Monday morning a slightly less bleak prospect!

Don’t think this doesn’t apply to you if you don’t work a standard 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday job. 5pm on Friday may not be that magical “start of weekend” time, but applying these tips to the last day of your working week will be just as beneficial if it’s a Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday!

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